Announcing Our Keynotes: Chloe Condon

We are so excited to announce our first keynote speaker for DjangoCon US 2018: Chloe Condon!

Photo of Chloe Condon

Former musical theatre actress and Hackbright Academy graduate, Chloe is a Developer Evangelist at Sentry. Pre-Hackbright, she spent her nights and weekends performing in the Bay Area as a singer and actress and worked in tech by day in various non-engineering roles. Perhaps the only engineer you’ll meet who has been in Hairspray, Xanadu, and Jerry Springer: the Opera, Chloe is passionate about bringing people with non-traditional backgrounds into the world of tech. If you’re trying to place her face, yes – she’s the young woman giving the awkward thumbs up in the What It’s Like to be a Woman at a Tech Conference article that she also wrote. In February of 2018 she was named one of the “200+ Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain” despite knowing absolutely nothing about Crypto and Blockchain. Chloe considers inclusion in this list her greatest accomplishment.

Chloe’s keynote will dive into why laughter, fun, and entertainment are valuable in the world of tech. Speaking from the experience of someone with a 4-year theatre degree who once played a talking crayon on stage (blue AND yellow – she has a wide range), she’ll dive into lessons learned from theatre applied to engineering.

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