An Intro to Docker for Djangonauts

Monday 12:20 pm, Salon A-E

About This Talk

If you’ve never used it before, Docker can be a little overwhelming. There is new vocabulary to learn, new commands to memorize, and new files to add to each project. Most resources fall into one of two camps: they teach you the bare bones of Docker but still leave you with too many questions to comfortably try it on your own, or they throw you into the deep end by assuming you’re more familiar with Docker than you are.

In this talk, you will find that middle ground: a talk that doesn’t assume you’re familiar with Docker and so keeps everything simple, but leaves you with enough information that you can get started as soon as you leave the room. Together, we will step through the parts of a Dockerfile and learn what they do. Then, I’ll introduce you to Docker Compose and explain why using it to run multiple containers is helpful. Finally, you will learn to run commands and execute scripts from the command line using Docker, how to enter a container and why you might need to, and what to do before you go home for the day.

Audience: Djangonauts who are curious about Docker, need to learn to use it for work or personal projects, or who seek a better understanding of containers in general. Audience members might be beginners to Python/Django or not, but they are definitely beginners to containerizing all the things.

The audience should be familiar with basic Python concepts such as variables and running things from the command line. Some basic familiarity with Django would be helpful, but beginner Djangonauts will be able to follow along.


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Lacey Williams Henschel

Lacey Williams Henschel is a developer with REVSYS and part of the organizing team for DjangoCon US. In the past, she’s chaired DjangoCon US, organized several Django Girls workshops, taught courses for Treehouse, and written about accessibility at tech events. Previously, she’s spoken at DjangoCon Europe, DjangoCon US, Postgres Open, ACT-W, PyDX, and Django Birthday.