Autonomous Vehicles, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and yes, Django!

Monday 3:10 pm, Salon F-H

About This Talk

What are the components in an autonomous vehicle? How do they work with other vehicles and an intelligent infrastructure? In this talk I will cover all the components involved in intelligent infrastructures and how Django is being used in current research.

Topics include

  • An overview of the infrastructure
    • Where are we right now?
    • What is the eventual goal?
    • How do we get there?
  • OnBoard Units (OBUs)
  • Road-Side Units (RSUs)
  • Communications among components
    • Interoperability as a fundamental requirement
    • Message types
    • Communications standards
  • Using Django
    • Upgrading equipment
    • Configuring equipment
    • Monitoring components


Photo of

Ken Whitesell

Ken Whitesell is a software developer with 40 years experience scattered among just about any platform you care to name. He has been working with Django for about 5 years now, mostly on very narrowly-targeted internal applications for the companies in which he has been employed. Ken is currently a Senior Application Developer with WSP, in the GeoSpatial and Advanced Technology group, working on projects involving “Vehicle Fleet Management” and “Traffic Control” systems.