BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Testing for Django Apps

Monday 11:00 am, Salon A-E

About This Talk

Unit tests focus on classes and methods while integration tests focus on components and basic business logic. However, neither of these is executed against the full system environment nor take account of the system’s behaviors as a whole. Therefore, our app will not be assured to work properly in production environments if we limit our testing approach to only two types of tests. Incorporating BDD testing into our app’s testing plan addresses these limitations.

BDD is experiencing increasing industry adoption but can still prove daunting to implement from scratch. Our talk will describe how we implement a BDD framework stack by answering following questions:

  1. How do we design structured and reusable test code for BDD?
  2. How do we integrate BDD tests with our CI/CD pipeline?
  3. How do we speed up the execution of BDD automated tests?
  4. How do we set up our BDD framework?
  5. What are the limits of BDD testing?


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Le Xiao

I work at the Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute, University of Southern California, as a programmer analyst, MS in Computer Science. I love exploring cut-edge techniques and trying to integrate them with my current project. I have attended a lot of meetups related to Django in San Diego (I saw one of the organizers giving the talk in last year DjangoCon) which inspired me a lot and enhanced my technical skills. Apart from being a programmer, I’m also learning aikido (Japanese martial arts) and Japanese in my spare time.