We Are 3000 Years Behind: Let's Talk About Engineering Ethics

Tuesday 5:00 pm, Salon F-H

About This Talk

Your apartment building where you wake up. The water you drink. The car you drive. The road on which you drive.

In the first hour of your day, you rely on the work of several distinct branches of engineering, whose practitioners are licensed and accountable to the public.

In the second hour of your day, you may sit down at your desk to write code that dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of people interact with in some way–but what do they know about you, your intentions, and your training?

A licensed Civil Engineer turned software developer will talk through how her former field approached ethics–something they have been iterating on for more than 3000 years. She will discuss how lessons learned from other engineering professions could apply to software, and where our industry may need a new approach to ethics.


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Hayley Denbraver

Hayley Denbraver is a web developer in San Diego, California. She is a career switcher who used to work as a licensed civil engineer. Her civil engineering projects included working on a hotel near Disneyland (It is awesome!) and anchoring air conditioners to hospital roofs (They are awesome too!). As a civil engineer she had a stamp with her name on it, but as a web developer you can find her name by using git blame. Hayley is an avid contributor to her company’s #cute-animals slack channel. Her favorite part of her job includes helping to onboard new, internally trained devs. She is a member of a two developer household, which you should consider before accepting her dinner party invitation. Her 2018 stretch goal is to acquire a golden retriever–name suggestions are welcome.