2019 DjangoCon US Recap

The 2019 DjangoCon US Conference is a wrap! Thanks for another amazing year!

The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees

DjangoCon US 2019 was in San Diego for the second year and hosted 425 attendees from all over the world!

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From tutorials on APIs and testing to talks about burnout and async to hallway tracks where we made buttons and planned our sprint contributions, 2019 was DjangoCon US's best year ever!

This was an innovative year for DjangoCon US! Every year, DjangoCon US works hard to make our program better and more accessible, and this year we're super proud of the features we were able to add:

  • Deep Dive Day, a single-track conference day dedicated to talks that go into more detail on Django topics
  • Accessibility wins: In addition to subsidized child care and captioned conference videos, this year we had a dedicated lactation room and live captioning for all talks
  • Travel stipends for all speakers

Thanks to our generous sponsors, who helped make these conference dreams a reality.

A little boat

:chart_with_upwards_trend: 2019 By the Numbers

2019 was an amazing year for attendance, sponsorship, talks, food, really everything that goes into making a conference great.

The buzz we heard on Twitter was that it was a lot of people's favorite DjangoCon US ever!

What? Tell me about it.
Attendees 425
Tutorials 6
Talks 38
Favorite food Mac and cheese bar at the opening reception

Picture Perfect

We captured so many Kodak moments over the week! Thanks to Bartek Pawlik for being our official conference photographer and saving these memories for us.

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The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees
The crowd of DjangoCon 2019 attendees

DjangoCon 2019 was possible through lots of :heart:

Our organizers put hundreds of hours of heart and soul into this conference. We couldn't do it without each and every one of you!

Photo of Adam Fast

Adam Fast

A/V Chair
Photo of Brett DeAngelis

Brett DeAngelis

Program Team
Photo of Catherine Holmes

Catherine Holmes

Swag Co-Chair
Photo of Craig Bruce

Craig Bruce

DEFNA Treasurer
Photo of David Fischer

David Fischer

Community Team
Photo of Dawn Wages

Dawn Wages

Sponsors Co-Chair
Photo of Drew Winstel

Drew Winstel

Opportunity Grants Chair
Photo of Felipe Lee

Felipe Lee

Program Team
Photo of Frances Liu

Frances Liu

Program Team
Photo of Heather

Heather "Heats" Luna

Sponsors Chair
Photo of Jeff Triplett

Jeff Triplett

Delegator and DEFNA President
Photo of Jessica

Jessica "Deatz" Deaton

Conference Chair
Photo of Jorge Gimeno

Jorge Gimeno

Venue Team
Photo of Josue Balandrano Coronel

Josue Balandrano Coronel

Visas Coordinator
Photo of Katherine

Katherine "Kati" Michel

Website Co-Chair
Photo of Katia Lira

Katia Lira

Communications Team
Photo of Kenneth Love

Kenneth Love

:heart: Organizer Emeritus
Photo of Kojo Idrissa

Kojo Idrissa

:zap: Talk, Orientation, and Sprints Chairs
Photo of Lacey Williams Henschel

Lacey Williams Henschel

Photo of Micah Lyle

Micah Lyle

Program Team
Photo of Monique Murphy

Monique Murphy

Swag Chair
Photo of Nic James

Nic James

Sprints and Venue Team
Photo of Philip James

Philip James

Documentation and Automation Team
Photo of Rebecca Kindschi

Rebecca Kindschi

Communications Chair
Photo of Robert Roskam

Robert Roskam

Opportunity Grants Team
Photo of Rubin Mendoza

Rubin Mendoza

Program Team
Photo of Sara Gore

Sara Gore

Conference Co-Chair
Photo of Tim Allen

Tim Allen

Automation Team
Photo of Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn

Program Team
Photo of Vishvajit Pathak

Vishvajit Pathak

Website Co-Chair