Frequently Asked Questions


More information is on our tickets page. Conference tickets are sold out for 2019, but tutorial tickets may still be available.

  • Are conference tickets sold out?
  • Do tutorials cost extra?
  • I cannot attend DjangoCon US after all. Can I get a refund, or transfer my ticket to someone else?
  • Can I switch the tutorial I registered for, as long as there is still space available in the tutorial I would like to take instead?
  • Do I have to register for sprints?
  • Can I come to sprints even if I forgot to register?
  • Can I register for a tutorial without registering for the whole conference?
  • Can I register for sprints without registering for the whole conference?


More information can be found on the schedule.

  • Will after-hours events, like the opening reception or a board game night, be listed on the schedule?
  • Will videos of talks be posted online?
  • Will breakfast and lunch be served during tutorial, talk, and sprint days?
  • Will there be a Slack channel that I can join?


More information is on our Speaker Resources page.

  • Are speaker mentors available to help me with my talk?
  • Do I need to present from my own laptop?
  • Does the 25/45-minute time limit include Q&A?
  • Can you help me send installation/setup instructions to my tutorial attendees prior to the conference?


More information is on our Venue page.

  • Can I use a bathroom that corresponds with my gender identity?
  • Is my service animal welcome, and is there a place nearby to walk my service animal?
  • Is step-free access available to all parts of the venue, including presentation areas?
  • Is there a nearby recovery meeting?
  • Will there be vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free options at meals?
  • Will you reimburse me for some of my childcare expenses?

Financial Aid

More information is on our Financial Aid page.

  • Do I need to provide receipts in order to be reimbursed for my financial aid award?
  • Will I be reimbursed promptly at or shortly after the conference?


More information is on our Become a Sponsor page. Sponsorship signups for 2019 are now closed.

  • Can I sign up as a sponsor for DjangoCon US 2019?